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Understanding Curb Management - Tackling Demand at the Curb

Curb management is one of the parking and mobility industry’s biggest challenges – and opportunities. When managed correctly, the curb can be an extraordinary revenue-driving asset, but when run inefficiently, the curb’s potential goes unrealized. As the challenges of managing the curb continue to grow, analyzing and understanding the competing demands at the curb has become vital to success.

Managing curb access along with multimodal transportation capital projects and expanding paid street parking to accommodate the growth of business districts add to the challenges of this complex ecosystem. Many municipalities have taken an aggressive approach to gaining control of the curb, creating dedicated in-house staff positions to manage the solution. Newly appointed Municipal Curb Management Managers have become a vital resource in managing the curb, creating exciting new opportunities for parking and mobility professionals. Our expert presenters will highlight several different agency programs and projects, providing take-aways for attendees to apply to their operations.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to prioritize curb access with competing demands for space at the curb.
  • Understanding demand by looking at land use patterns, travel data, freight, and more.
  • Learn about other cities' programs and projects to apply to your area.

Offers 1 CAPP Point towards application or recertification.


Mary Catherine Snyder, Parking Strategist, City of Seattle Department of Transportation

Mary Catherine Snyder is a Parking Strategist for the Seattle Department of Transportation’s Curbside Management team. Over the last 20 years, Mary Catherine has worked on a variety of curbside management policies, programs, and technology projects. She manages a team of curb space planners working to settle curbside access priority, mobile parking payment, the urban goods delivery strategy, neighborhood parking and access planning, and the Performance-Based Parking Pricing Program for paid parking rates. She has a degree in Government from Cornell University, and masters’ degrees in Urban Planning and Transportation Planning from the University of Washington.  View IPMI Member Profile.

Matt Darst, Director, Conduent Transportation

Matt Darst, JD, oversees an industry-leading analytics team at Conduent. Darst is an advocate of applying data science to gain critical curb lane insights for informed, data-driven decision-making. His team has helped cities implement award-winning innovations like “asset lite” solutions for data gathering, predictive occupancy and compliance algorithms, demand-pricing, and the equitable allocation of enforcement personnel. Prior to moving to the private sector, Darst served as First Deputy Director for Chicago’s Revenue Department. View IPMI Member Profile.

Haley Peckett, Associate Director, DDOT

Haley Peckett is the Associate Director of the Curbside Manager Division at the District Department of Transportation in Washington, D.C. She leads an interdisciplinary team overseeing curbside technology, revenue collection, and asset management to ensure safe, equitable access to the curb. Haley has more than 15 years of experience leading multimodal transportation projects, with expertise in NEPA, transit planning, public engagement, and performance management. Haley is active in WTS-DC, Transportation Research Board, and American Institute of Certified Planners. View IPMI Member Profile

Hank Willson, Parking Policy Manager, SFMTA

Hank spent six years as a civil-rights attorney before following his passion to transportation planning. He leads the SFMTA’s Curb Management team, which includes managing the Shared Spaces parklet program; implementing the citywide Curb Management Strategy; managing demand-responsive pricing at the city’s 28,000 metered spaces; reforming the city’s residential permit program; and updating regulations in the city’s evolving neighborhoods.  He has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and a JD from Georgetown University. View IPMI Member Profile.

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