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Modern Parking Guidance Systems Need Modern Accuracy Assessment Practices

Level: Foundational/basic course

About the course: In this video-based eLearning course you will watch a 45-minute video and then answer 10 assessment questions. One of the many areas of significant advancement in parking technology over the last five years is modern Automated Parking Guidance Systems (APGS) for parking structures. Many of these modern APGS are based on advanced sensor technology such as still or video camera images. Such systems, now available from many vendors, leverage the power of image processing and artificial intelligence (AI) to offer the dual advantages of very high accuracy plus value-added features like object type classification, license plate capture, and others. The higher accuracy of these camera-based systems is a significant benefit compared to more traditional sensor technologies like loops or infrared/ultrasonic in-motion sensors. These newer generation systems promise to improve on the state of the art relative to accuracy, but their accuracy still needs to be validated. What best practices should parking professionals use to measure and monitor the accuracy of the latest generation of APGS systems? This presentation will review the two main classes of camera-based APGS systems. It will then examine best practices for assessing the accuracy of each and identify potential sources of inaccuracy.

In this course, learn how to:

  • Explain the fundamentals of various kinds of APGS solutions and their accuracy profiles.
  • Review the best practices and pitfalls of how to gain the best accuracy from a camera-based APGS installation and how to assess its accuracy.
  • Compare and contrast several different vendors approaches to APGS accuracy and discuss relevant real-world situations with use case examples from actual customers.

Course Credits: 1 CAPP Point, .01 CEUs

Time to Complete: About 1 hour (Self-paced: Stop and start, to return to where you left off at any time. Course available for 6 months from date of purchase.)

Thinking of applying to become a CAPP? Successful completion of this course earns 1 point towards the professional development portion of the CAPP application requirements or 1 point on the CAPP Recertification Recordkeeping Form, Program Type 5.

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