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University Perspective - Today’s Parking Challenges & How To Meet Them


“I’m sorry I’m late for class, I couldn’t find parking.” Parking has long been a significant challenge on college campuses. As universities continue to grow and expand, well-integrated parking can enhance the campus experience, minimize traffic congestion, avoid modal conflicts, and promote alternative transportation. Join us for a conversation with representatives from Stanford University, UC San Diego, and UC Riverside, and explore their strategies to maximize existing parking, manage demand, and integrate new parking.


  • Explore the initiatives, programs, and management strategies to manage parking and mobility on campus.
  • Learn how universities meet parking demand on a space-constrained campus.
  • See how universities have used parking to create gateways to their campuses.


Matt Davis, Watry Design, Inc.; Brian Shaw, CAPP, Stanford University; Joshua Kavanagh, CAPP, University of California, San Diego; Irma Henderson, CAPP, MBA University of California, Riverside

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