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Getting Smart - Strategies Getting Started with Creating Smart Communities

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Everything around us is getting smart—your house, your car, your watch, and the parking and mobility industry is no exception. This can be overwhelming to professionals regardless of if they oversee a mature parking and mobility program or are just getting started. This presentation will introduce participants to the smart city/campus/community concept and help them gain comfort and confidence in beginning their journey towards implementing smart infrastructure solutions.

Attendees will:

  • Define what it means to be a smart city/campus/community
  • Recognize the benefits of becoming a smart city/campus/community and the effects on economic development, urban planning, transportation, parking, and mobility.
  • Identify the details of what is included in being a smart city/campus/community.
  • Explore strategies towards implementing smart infrastructure solutions from which a city/campus/community can scale.



Thomas Szubka, CAPP; Senior Consultant; Walker Consultants

With more than 17 years of experience in Parking and Mobility, recently on the senior management team, Thomas Szubka, CAPP, is an experienced leader in operations, sales, and organizational development. With past leadership experience as a parking operator in the private and municipal sectors, he has an extensive background in parking and mobility operations as well as the development and implementation of supporting technologies. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Florida Parking and Transportation Association (President-elect), is a member of the IPMI Technology Committee, and is an IPMI APO Site Reviewer.

Tania Schleck, Consultant, Walker Consultants

Tania Schleck is a parking and mobility consultant with Walker Consultants, based in the firm’s Los Angeles office. She works with public agencies, institutions, and private owners on policies and studies designed to serve the parking and mobility needs of multiple user groups. Prior to joining Walker, she was a city planner for Eden Prairie, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis, where she supported long-range planning efforts, coordinated entitlements, and updated the municipal code.

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