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Curb Loading Trends - Secure & Leverage Data to Manage

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Last year, 11 U.S. cities piloted new technology aimed at empowering them to dynamically and nimbly manage, price, and regulate access to the curb—based on the most comprehensive Curb Loading Trends (CLT) datasets ever collected by public entities. Participating cities will share their experiences, including but not limited to how the data informed specific decisions, what meaningful outcomes, if any, occurred as a result, and the conditions of success.

  • Gain an understanding of the historic and current state of the curb, particularly in a post-COVID world as the volume of commercial passenger and delivery fleets continues to increase.
  • Explore what commercial curb activity looks like in U.S. cities, how cities can filter data by dwell time and vehicle type, and what policy decisions can look like based on that data.


Regina Clewlow, CEO and Co-founder, Populus

Regina is the CEO and Co-founder of Populus, a data platform for cities to manage the future of mobility. Trusted by leading cities and the world’s largest mobility operators, the Populus platform securely ingests real-time data from shared electric scooters, bikes, and cars, and delivers cities with digital solutions to efficiently manage their curbs and streets. Regina has been named a 40 Under 40 by Mass Transit magazine and the San Francisco Business Times. She has a Ph.D. in transportation and energy systems from MIT, and a bachelor’s in computer science from Cornell.

Brian Hamlin, Curbside Management Strategic Advisor, Transit and Mobility, City of Seattle  

Brian Hamlin Brian is a Strategic Advisor for the Seattle Department of Transportation’s Curbside Management program where he develops policy for equitable curb use and strives for better civic data to inform the decision making process. An advocate for curbside access, Brian is a leader in balancing travel modes and curbside needs within the public rights-of-way. Before coming to the west coast, Brian worked for the New York City Department of Transportation designing bike lanes and coordinating bikeshare.


Kerby Olsen, City of Oakland, California

Kerby manages the new and emerging mobility programs for the City of Oakland, California’s Department of Transportation, including bike share, car share, scooter share, electric vehicle charging, and more. He holds a dual masters in transportation engineering and City and Regional Planning from California Polytechnic State University.

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