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LPR for Frontline Personnel


Frontline personnel are the heart of successful operations and ensuring they’re equipped with the proper tools is only one component to set them up for success. This webinar will show you what it takes to prepare your team to use license plate recognition (LPR) to write accurate citations and to provide a higher level of customer service. You’ll hear from an avowed “LPR evangelist” who understands how empowering employees in the field led to innovative enforcement techniques, revisions to policies, increased goodwill from customers, and increased operational efficiency.


Victor Hill, CAPP, is an account manager at T2 Systems, where he is responsible for ensuring customers on the east coast get the service and support they expect. He is an avowed LPR evangelist and previously served as Director of Parking and Transportation Services at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse for seven years. He is a past co-chair of IPMI’s Safety and Security Committee and has served on IPMI’s Media Relations task force, Sustainability Committee, and the Accessible Parking Coalition. Victor is based in Charlottesville, Va., where he happily works out of his home office.

These frontline trainings are provided free of charge to all IPMI members, and are generously supported by our Frontline Fundamentals Sponsor, Flowbird.

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