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Curb Management - Lessons Learned

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Dive into curb management successes, failures, and best practices. We will review findings from various curb management research studies across the U.S. The session will cover lessons learned from vetting dozens of technology companies, testing products,  and exploring policy issues. and will explore how these effects on enforcement and access priorities affect curb design planning.

Presenter Jonathan Wicks

Presenter: Jonathan Wicks, CAPP, Walker Consultants

With the surge in new parking management technologies on the market, from reservation apps, text-to-pay enhancement, validations systems, and automated parking guidance systems, Jonathan Wicks’s focus has turned to the design and implementation of parking systems and technology improvements for public and private entities, including recent parking equipment and technology upgrades enhancing smart city and curb management policies.

Presenter: Chrissy Mancini Nichols, National Director of Curb Management & New Mobility, Walker Consultants      

Chrissy leads Walker’s nationwide research and development of curb planning, policy, design, technology, and finance/monetization. She has vetted many technologies to monitor and manage the curb and access. She has worked on Transit Development reforms, funding for federal transportation bills and public-private partnerships related to transportation and parking. Chrissy led a strategy to fund $10 billion in transit projects and redevelop Chicago’s Union Station. She also blogs and co-hosts a planning podcast.

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