Virtual Permit Parking Management System (VPP)

RFP Posting ,

PABC is soliciting competitive proposals from qualified software developers for a Virtual Permit Parking Management System (VPP). A Virtual Permit Parking Management System is defined as a system that uses vehicle license plates as parking credentials. This system should be able to issue and track parking permits. It must also be able to communicate with the Baltimore City Department of Transportation’s (BCDOT) current system to enforce the parking permits. This document outlines the scope of work and all the desired design specifications for a respondent to offer PABC a Citywide Virtual Permit Parking Management System.

RFP NUMBER:                          OPS-02-2023


ISSUE DATE:  February 13, 2023


TITLE: Virtual Permit Parking Management System


ISSUING AGENCY: Parking Authority of Baltimore City, 200 West Lombard Street, Suite B, Baltimore, MD 21201


CLOSING DATE: March 27, 2023