Vanessa Solesbee, CAPP, CCTM


Principal Planner

Dixon Resources Unlimited

Organizational Membership

Photo of Vanessa Solesbee, CAPP, CCTM


Parent: Dixon Resources Unlimited

3639 Midway Drive Suite B345 San Diego, CA 92110 UNITED STATES

Photo of Vanessa Solesbee, CAPP, CCTM


Southwestern University 2002

Bachelor of Arts, Communications & Women's Studies

University of Texas at Austin 2003

Master of Arts, Communications


2020 CASTA Project of the Year

2021 IPMI Award of Excellence

Volunteer Work

Estes Valley Investment in Childhood Success, Board Member

Products & Services

Consulting/Management Services

IPMI Thought Leaders

Planning, Frontline, Management & Operations, Marketing/Business Development, Sustainability

2019-2022 IPMI Volunteer

Conference Program Task Force