Brian D. Shaw, CAPP


Executive Director of Stanford Transportation

Stanford University

Organizational Membership

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Professional Bio

Brian Shaw, CAPP is the executive director of Stanford Transportation at Stanford University. He has spent his more than 25-year career fostering commuter travel choices and innovations in parking management. Brian has worked primarily in higher education at some of the leading research institutions across the United States before coming to Stanford. Under his leadership, Stanford has been able keep its peak hour trips under a cap established in 2000.


Parent: Stanford University

415 Broadway Stanford Transportation, Floor 3, Mail Code 8877 Redwood City, CA 94063 United States

Photo of Brian D. Shaw, CAPP


UCLA 1992

Bachelor's of the Arts

University of Pennsylvania 1995

Master's of City Planning


2021 James T. Hunnicutt Parking Professional of the Yea

2021 Parking Organization of the Year - Stanford Univ.

Volunteer Work

Co-Chair Education Development Committee

Award of Excellence Committee

Chair, Caltrain Citizens Advisory Committee


Stanford Transportation

2022-2024 IPMI Volunteer

Education Development Committee

2019-2022 IPMI Volunteer

Education Development Committee, Judge: Professional Recognition Awards, Sustainability Committee