Josh Black


Director, Security and Compliance


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Professional Bio

At age 5, Josh Black wanted to be an inventor. At 9, he learned to program and was completely hooked. Josh's first job in IT was at age 15 as a System Administrator and has worked in the industry ever since. Josh joined Flash in 2021 and leads Security and Compliance. In his former role at SecurityMetrics as an information security assessor and consultant he worked with several PARCS vendors and operators.
Josh has always had a knack for rules and helping others understand their importance which has translated into a passion for security and compliance. He holds CISSP, CISA, and CCSFP credentials and was formerly a PCI QSA, PCI SSLCA, PCI SSA, and PCI PA-QSA, and also performed HIPAA, CIS, and NIST-based risk assessments.
Josh recently presented at the Treasury Institute’s annual conference as well as other venues.


Parent: Flash

2022-2024 IPMI Volunteer

Technology Committee