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Professional mission is to help his clients’ businesses thrive by bringing their disparate applications together in a cohesive, productive system. As a Managing Partner at Pangea Consultants, he does just that. Pangea is a business software consulting group that provides expert services for ERP and CRM implementations to varied business types. In his spare time, Santiago enjoys spending has much time as possible with his family. He enjoys cooking, boating, skiing, and travel.

At Pangea, we are honored to work with brilliant business professionals across a wide spectrum of specialties. We offer on premise and cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Accounting) solutions, along with professional services to support these solutions. Specializing in Microsoft Dynamics 365, we have a unique solution to fit your business need.

Santiago and the Pangea team have worked with clients ranging from Miami Parking Authority, Vertical Bridge, LLC. to Ritz-Carlton Cruise Lines and Atlantic Sapphire. By focusing on providing best-in-class solutions and exceptional outcomes, we deliver solutions and services that tackle the business issues you are facing today, and model your business for future expansion. We do this by engaging exceptional talent, using predictable, detailed, and transparent process for every engagement, and establishing deep connections with you and your team.


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