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CAPP Scholarship Donation

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CAPP Scholarship Donation

Support CAPP Candidates to Advance the Profession

CAPP is respected worldwide as the leading credential in parking and mobility. CAPPs represent the best of the industry advancing the profession and leading with innovation, professionalism, and expertise.  The CAPP designation assures stakeholders (employers, regulators, consumers, and the public) that the credentialed professional has demonstrated an established level of industry-specific knowledge.  Anyone who is pursuing CAPP within the next two years or any current CAPP who has accumulated six CAPP points may apply for scholarship funding.

 Your contribution goes directly to support these candidates. Candidates apply for funds to offset registration fees, travel, and lodging expenses for all IPMI Professional Development opportunities.  To donate to the Scholarship Fund, select an amount during the registration process.  Thank you for your support!

As an IRC 501(c)(6) organization, your contribution is not tax deductible.

Suggested Donation: $1