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How US cities Can Learn from Smart City Innovations in Europe

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The City of Cologne, Germany, has deployed the world’s most comprehensive turn-by-turn parking guidance system, leading the way for cities globally to reduce parking search times, traffic congestion, and emissions. Now, leading U.S. cities are learning from this and other innovations and deploying similar smart city solutions. We will take a deep-dive into how Cologne reinvented its arrival experience, explore the before and after effects with feedback from citizens and the data gathered by the city. We will also share how Cologne marketed the solution to residents to maximize utilization and ensure citizen satisfaction. Finally, we will extrapolate a set of best practices for how a U.S. city can achieve similar results.

Attendees will:

  • Describe goal-setting strategies for smart city projects and learn how to prioritize investments.
  • Recognize the real-world impact that can be realized from improved parking search.
  • Review best practices for deploying parking guidance within a city.


 David Parker; Chief Operating Officer, Cleverciti

Throughout his career, David Parker has been a bridge between the U.S. and Europe for innovative, high-tech firms, first in digital marketing and now in smart cities. As COO of Cleverciti, he leads the company’s global growth, working closely with cities around the world to deploy smart parking solutions.

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